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Gullah Heritage

gullah people

Gullah Geechee is the Unique Culture of American descendants of captive Africans brought to the Americas from the west coast of Africa who inhabit the Sea Islands of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida prior to and since the Civil War. Gullah and Geechee are used interchangeably when describing this culture; however, for the purposes of the Hilton Head Island Gullah Geechee, Gullah is used to describe this culture. Gullah storytelling, cuisine, music, folk beliefs, crafts, farming and fishing traditions all exhibit strong influences from West and Central African cultures. We are very fortunate here in the low country to have the opportunity to expose visitors
to such an experience.

Tour Highlights

  • Gullah Family Compounds
  • Old Debarkation Point
  • Old One-room School House
  • Plantation Tabby Ruins
  • First Freedom Village Historic Marker

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